Missing Tokyo's Cold Weather

It has been almost two months since our family trip to Tokyo and with this uber hot weather, I'm already missing it. I remember we were there in Tokyo when Spring has just barely started so coming from a tropical country, that kind of weather was too cold for us. Good thing I prepared a loooot of warm clothes for this trip. I did a lot of research on what to do to enjoy the trip and enjoy the Cozy Winters.

This is a sample of our winter outfit. You would noticed how much we were all bundled up.

Yes, on a spring in Tokyo, this is what we wore. We looked like we were in a Winter Season. This is an outfit that a person from a tropical country would wear in Spring. (*grin*)

- Thermal, Two inner Tops, Thick Cardigan/Hoodie and Outer Coat
- Thermal leggings, Thick leggings, Jeans
- Scarf
- Double Socks
- Durable Sneakers for Walking and Unpredictable Weather (with occassional rain showers)

For the kids, here are the following cozy winter bundles:

- Thermal, Two iner tops, foldable vest from Uniqlo, Outer Coat
- Thermal leggings, thick leggings, thick skirt
- Scarf
- A Pair of Socks
- Boots

With these outfits, they felt warm during the time when it gets windy and cold.

I guess it takes a lot of practice in packing for a winter trip but when you get the gist and was successful, it is indeed worth it! ♥

(** More photos and stories about our trip soon! **)

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