Let Your Friends Know about this Amazing Game!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about this great game that I discovered called Wisdomantics that is perfect for homeschooled children, for kids who want to play with their neighbors, for families who bond every weekend. I'm sure to those who downloaded it over the weekend, they already know what I'm writing about here. It is a game that you get to learn about Bible verses. Yes, you read it right, Bible verses and the Book of Solomon in particular. In playing this game, they get to gain wisdom and have fun as well. Perfect!

So, folks, I highly recommend that you you try it too!

After you try the game, spread the word and share Wisdomantics with your friends and family. Check out the website - www.wisdomantics.com for more details about the game.

If you are already playing it,
you can also share from the app on your device by clicking, the following links: Main Menu --> Settings --> Share Game.

Click here for the link in iTunes.

Have a wonderful time with Wisdomantics! (*wink*)

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