The Perfect Game for Homeschooled Children.

I am a hands on parent but there are things that I couldn't do on my own like education and homeschooling. I prefer to bring my kids to a traditional school because my knowledge is definitely not enough. That is why I am in awe of those parents who homeschool their kids from Kinder to Grade School, some even up to Highschool. Hats off to you guys for the patience, hardwork and the effort. Your kids are so blessed to have you as their parents and mentors too.

As a tip, here's a nice suggestion that you can offer to your kids during their free time. An interesting game called "Wisdomantics". It is a fun game for players which allows them to gain the wisdom of King Solomon.

I love that it is a game where the kids would appreciate playing and at the same time learning the Bible verses of King Solomon. I didn't think this was possible at this today's age and modern gadgets, but Wisdomantics defied that and made technology a way to help the kids learn about the Bible more. This is a way to teach the homeshooled children the Bible at the same time have the time of their lives by playing the game. It can be a multi-player game so you can even invite other homeschooled kids to join. This will be a perfect social interaction for them. Plenty of good values will be learned here and the app is not even expensive.

I myself learned the Bible through Bible Stories. And I couldn't forget those stories up to this moment. I guess learning in a fun way would be perfect for the kids and I'm 100% sure that they will remember these Bible verses for the rest of their lives.

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