2016 Spring Break in Tokyo: Hearing Sunday Mass at Roponggi then, Dinner!

After a long trip from Kawaguchiko Station, off we went to Roponggi Hills to hear mass. We discovered that there was a Catholic Church in the area and we found the Franciscan Chapel Center – Roppongi Catholic Church.

Good thing we made it for the 6PM mass. It was a miracle actually because it took hours from Kawaguchiko. We were so glad we made it!

We were so happy to see fellow Filipinos there too!

Thank you dear God for allowing us to hear mass in Tokyo. ♥

After the mass, we looked around for a couple of minutes and checked what to see in Roponggi.

Since it was an odd hour, we didn't see much so we decided to have dinner instead.

And now, off to dinner! And, look, what we found...

We had to order our food through this vendo machine. Well, well, well, at first it was difficult, but guess what? We did it!

Another sumptuous dinner for us. Kids and adults were full, happy and content! (*grin*)

For Sunday masses, here are the schedules:
Sat.18:00(English) Sun.7:00(Japanese) / 8:00(E) / 10:00(E) / 12:00(E) / 18:00(E)       Weekday Mass 7:00am (J), 8:00am (E), Wed. 18:30 Mass & Novena (E), First Friday 18:30-19:45 Mass & Adoration of Blessed Sacrament (E)

Address: 4-2-37 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Telephone: 03-3401-2141
Fax: 03-3401-2142
Website: http://franciscanchapelcentertokyo.org/

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