Never Hope For It...More than you Work For It

Do you believe in this particular saying?

"Never Hope For It...More than you Work For It."

Yes, I believe it.

After what I've been in through in my life, trials and challenges, I just realized that I'm more of a realist. I have goals and dreams but I make it a point that these are attainable. And most especially, I can be able to work (really) hard for it. I believe that if you don't work really hard for a dream, you have no right to hope for it.

I guess this is how every dream is pursued, every goal is attained and every life is achieved.

That is why I look up to people who just made it on their own. Businesses that started from scratch. Ideas turned into a wonderful game. This is how my favorite game actually started - WISDOMANTICS! After 10 years, it has now developed into a full game. A wonderful multi-player game for families, friends and even colleagues. A perfect application to play to be able to spend time with your loved ones. Not only did it provide entertainment but it also allows you to learn. To learn a whole of of Biblical teachings from King Solomon. And oh, not to mention that the graphics is really good too.

Yes, peeps who actually prioritized their kids and families, this is the game that you've been waiting for! Download in Apple Store now. And yes, it is coming in Android very, very soon too! (*wink*)

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