2016 Spring Break in Tokyo: Our Beautiful Commute to Odaiba

For the next few days (and nights) we will be staying in another area which is in Asakusa.

We are quite excited because there are a lot of nice traditional areas here.

But first of all, breakfast...

There was no breakfast available for our hotel so we checked out a couple of coffee shops in Asakusa. But guess what? We've always ended up in Mister Donut.

The kids were ecstatic because you know what, they never had a donut for breakfast. (*grin*) So it was one of the highlights of their day.

Now off to our next stop. Odaiba.

It is pretty far from Asakusa so we had to ask around for directions.

But since we were already there for a few days, Hubby got the hang of their train system.

Good thing because we started to appreciate the beauty of their stations. ♥

Lots and lots of things to see!

As for our destination for the day, watch out for it soon! (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)

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