The New WISDOMANTICS - Perfect to Give Out as Gifts this Christmas!

We are already on our 6th day of December here on my side of the world. 19 Days to go before Christmas. I know I should be panicking by now with all the Christmas shopping that I need to do.

But you know what? I didn't need to! Because I'm thinking of giving out my favorite game to all my relatives. Yes, you read it right, Wisdomantics! The new version will be coming on the 19th. Yes, this month! That would be December 19, 2016.

I'm giving away the game, I will purchase the game for them. No need to panic because by next week, an Android version will be launched. So I can give it to both Android and Apple users. WOOOOOT!

And not only that, the game will be discounted for a limited time! For only $1.99 the game can be downloaded and if you have a fast internet connection, that will be downloaded in an instant! I can imagine my nieces and nephews' reactions. They will be ecstatic! And since we will all be getting together for the holidays, maybe this is a perfect time to play the game TOGETHER as a family. How cool would it be? Gone are the days when we look for board games and dices. For a spot in the house where anyone should fit together. With an internet connection, we can all play at the same time! I think this will be my coolest gift to my family, ever!

A lot of NKJV and NIV questions will be added in the new app as well. So it means only one thing - more lessons to learn in this new version. It is fully loaded with fun, teachings and functions. Love, love, love it!

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