Looking Forward to the Weekend and Music Loving

I remember it so clearly, our eldest's 7th birthday was all about music. Yes, she loves to sing and dance and now that she's older, she loves to play the piano. But back when she turns 7, she requested that her birthday would be a "Camp Rock" themed. Yes, she loves that movie so much!

Here are some proof that she enjoyed her party...

The father and daughter program, the Dad played the guitar, while the daughter sang her favorite song from the movie, Camp Rock.

The little girl was so happy to sing with her Dad.

You can truly see it in her face, right? Yes!

And now, we are looking at a different musical instrument which are the roland v drums at guitarcenter.com. This time, it is for the second kid who wants to learn how to play the drums.

Hmmmm... Would this push through? I definitely think so! And I'm so, so happy that these kids end up loving music so much! So it looks like they got it from the Dad!? Oh, definitely! (*wink*)

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