More on Reminiscing about Our Little Girl's 7th Birthday Party

Ok, now that I've started blogging about remembering my little girl's 7th birthday, I can't help but start a post again, this time about the table centerpieces that Hubby made for the party. Since it was a "Camp Rock" themed birthday party, we decided that instead of table numbers, we made it "musical instruments" table. Now it made the party even more interesting!

So, the "instruments" table were the following...

The maraccas table.

The grand piano table.

 And, look at the "guitar table" at the far side of this photo...

There are other more tables (but didn't get a photo of all of them, too bad!) but, there was so much like a musicians friend cymbals' table too.

I love that the theme is just perfect for my family because we all LOVE MUSIC so much! My husband (as I keep on blogging about him and his music) loves to play several instruments. I'm pretty sure he will be exploring those cymbals that we even found online soon! The eldest plays the piano, while the youngest is planning on taking guitar lessons this summer. As for me, well, I love listening to them play and listening to beautiful songs as well.

I'm glad that summer is here. It is the perfect time to catch up on their lessons on musical instruments. I can't wait to hear them play again, soon!

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