Discovering Kuah Town in Langkawi

I specifically liked Kuah Town apart from all the tourist spots we went to in Langkawi because it still has a touch of the "old" town that I expected before coming to Malaysia. I love the colorful walls and floor tiles. I felt like I was in an old Malaysian town.

I was also impressed by this huge eagle right in the middle of Kuah Town.

Langkawi’s main town, Kuah, is located on the southeast corner of the island and is the arrival point for most of the ferries. If you’re arriving here with the illusion that you’re going to see clear white stretches of beaches as far as the eye can see, then you’re sadly mistaken. They’re located elsewhere on the island. SOURCE.

Kuah is a town which sits on reclaimed land and the waterfront sadly looks like a mucky and murky strip. Ships are ever-present in the distance and the looming mountains on the nearby islets are visible during the day but truthfully the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah stretch is the place to go for clear and inviting views of the crystal clear ocean. SOURCE.

I also loved that there were trees all over the place plus the pier. Aaaah, it was a beautiful place.

If you go for shopping, don't fret because this town is surrounded with shops!

That being said, Kuah is not without its charms – the town has many excellent duty-free stores selling everything but the kitchen sink. Confectionary, tobacco and perfumes are easily found; the stores may not always be pretty, but they serve their purpose. In other words, apart from the numerous duty-free stores, there’s little to stop you proceeding to the beaches on the north side of the island. SOURCE.

I would love to visit this quaint and quiet little town again of these days. Or probably years.

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