Our Quick but Super Fun Island Hopping in Langkawi

Our quick island hopping in Langkawi was just a couple of hours but it was also unforgettable. With a speed boat that brought us to every island and yes, with ultimate speed in going to and from the places, it was indeed memorable!

Here's what we did...

First Stop: Pregnant Maiden Island. A very beautiful fresh water lake.

But before seeing the beautiful lake, we had to climb up and down the stairs first. It was a good exercise for us especially the kids.

And on our way up, there were monkeys all over the place.

Swim at the natural fresh water lake of the pregnant maiden. Allow hundreds of ikan keli ( Catfish ) to massage your legs. An unforgettable experience! According to the legend of the pregnant maiden, women who were unable to conceive, became fertile after drinking water from the lake. Many tourists were known to have collected & brought bottles of the fresh water back home.

Second Stop: Eagle Watching. With this we were able to watch wild white belly eagle & Brahmin kite's feeding frenzy.

It was a beautiful experience especially for the kids. Definitely unforgettable!

Third and Last Stop: Beras Basah Island. The best beach in Langkawi. We loved the white sand and crystal clear water of this island.

After our adventure, we all went back to the hotel and then the kids decided to swim in the pool. OH yes, they can't just get enough of the water! (*grin*)

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