The Oriental Village - A Famous Tourist Spot in Langkawi.

While I was researching online for our trip to Langkawi, one of the popular places that came up is the Oriental Village.

We were all so curious why it made it to one of the popular tourist spots in the city so we made sure that we check it out while in Langkawi.

This is what greeted us. A very beautiful view of the Oriental houses. We knew that we did the right decision of alloting at least half a day here.

The red bridge itself was an attraction.

But with the combination of nice houses (converted to shops) and little pockets of Asia (Korea, Japan, and more), I would say it was worth our time.

I just wished we had more time to do photo shoots at this place. But we had to go to Kuah Town immediately. Oh well, at least we had half a day to explore. I highly recommend that you visit this place in Langkawi.

Oriental Village is located at Telaga Harbour Park, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. For other inquiries call, +60 4-959 1855.

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