Europe 2014: Arriving Lucerne on a Late Afternoon.

Lucerne, based on our first sight of the city, is simply breathtaking. Who would think it's not? Just check out our first sightings of this unforgettable small city...

It is a beauty, you think? Definitely! It got us even more excited. But, first, DINNER!

After the whole day of traveling on the road, we were so happy to see warm food.

...and practically a hotel restaurant empty, and reserved for our group.

Now, we felt relaxed and suddently felt at home in this cozy hotel. Look, I love the food too!

We were done late already. We were surprised that it took us hours to finish our dinner. By this time, we were already exchanging stories with our group. We had gotten to know each other well and we were quite comfortable already.

After freshening up, we went out, but unfortunately, it was drizzling and was dark already so we decided to go back to our hotel and call it a night.

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