Europe 2014: Tour Eiffel, I Miss!

Our last stop in our second day in Paris is Tour Eiffel. Yes, we did do this early on but, we went back to do the Tour Eiffel which will bring us to the TOP. We booked our tour through City Discovery (thanks to my friend's reco), and went to our meeting place. It was still early so we decided to have coffee first. You see, this is our dream, to be able to just sit down at one of the cafes and relax and have good conversations with each other.

Aaaah, so we did.

And look at our view.

It was so surreal! Definitely a dream coming true.

And then, a couple of minutes later, it was time for our tour. We were so happy to meet Jesse who was from Australia.

We listened to her talk about a couple of details about Paris and Eiffel Tower. And then afterwards, we were back at the elevator then off we went to the top.

Who would have thought that Parisians didn't actually liked the Eiffel Tower before? Well, now it has become soooo popular, I guess it was worth the building and construction.

It was a BEAUTY!

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