Europe 2014: Exploring the Beautiful City of Paris

After a good night sleep on our first night in Paris, we woke up early to prepare for the day, had a sumptuous breakfast, then off to our tour of the beautiful city.

FIRST STOP: Tour Eiffel.

We were all so excited about this tour. We had skip-the-line tickets so no more lines for us! Woot! WOot!

It was pretty cold too, so we were thankful that after a couple of minutes, we were already riding THE elevator on the way to the second floor.

Aaaah, the view was spectacular from the second level. We loved it!

Breathtaking isn't it? We didn't want to come down. But well, we had more to explore in this beautiful city so off we went to our next stop.

SECOND STOP: The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is one of the most popular museum all over the world.

I've always wanted to see this in person because I've read about this from books way back. Since we were part of a tour group, we didn't have time to go inside the museum. But we enjoyed the view outside, it was more than enough (for now).

And, we also saw the inverted pyramid before the entrance of Louvre.


THIRD STOP: Arc de Triomphe

A quick stopover for a couple of photos with the famous Arc de Triomphe

We also stopped by Champs de Elysee and we couldn't wait to shop. Later!

FOURTH STOP: Galleries Lafayette

Off to our next stop which is one of the biggest mall in Paris - Galleries Lafayette. And boy, was it amazing. The ceiling was gorgeous.

Shops were all over the place too.

And after lining up a THE Longchamp store, I was able to buy a purse as a souvenir. (*wink*)

I love this mall! We also a sumptuous (and affordable) lunch at the food court. The next stop: The grand Tour Eiffel. Will post more about that soon. (*wink*)

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