2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Our Flight to Singapore.

It was a late flight and traffic was bad in Manila (as always) so we made sure to arrive at the airport as early as we could.

Good thing, our short ride to the airport was uneventful. Thank you God!

We arrived at the airport super early so we had time to slow things down, sit for a while and guess what? We were the first ones in line at the check-in counter.

The nice thing about Singapore is that the weather is humid (yes, that's a plus FOR ME!). So we didn't pack that much clothes. We only brought 1 luggage for Hubby and I and another small sized luggage for the kids. See, I'm already improving in packing light! I was so proud of myself. (*wink*)

Naturally, checking in with a few luggages was a breeze. Now I know why they would always say that "packing light" is the way to go. WOOT!

After checking in, we went straight to the immigration and then had our quick dinner at the cafe.

All is well. And that includes our 3-hour flight to Singapore.

Thank you God!

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