Your Young Adult Friends will Love Wisdomantics.

Have you ever been in a position where you are meeting young adult friends and you feel like you are too old to "mingle". Didn't know what to talk about, didn't know what to discuss nor do during that meetup?

I know the feeling, and here's a suggestion. Why don't you introduce my favorite game now (for all ages!) - Wisdomantics.

Yes, as I've said it is for all ages. I've discussed from my previous blog posts that it is also for children, to your friends, or even to youth or teenagers. Now, I'm recommending it to your young adult friends who are working, stressed out with their daily routines, those who wanted to relax and unwind, and to those who just simply wants to have a good time.

This game which combines 400 multiple choice quotes from the book of Proverbs is perfect for the group games that you've been looking for during your get togethers and parties. It is a state-of-the-art interactive board game after all. And everybody appreciates that, right?

So, basically this game is available in the APP Store for only $2.99.

LOOK, this is how it looks in your iPhone6 screen...

A very simple and straightforward game that young adults would appreciate. I know because after all, I'm one of those generations who love to get together and spend time with friends. (*wink*)

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