A Game that is Perfect for Get Together with Friends

Last weekend was one of the best because I got to see some close friends whom I haven't seen for months. It was a perfect day to bond, talk, play, eat and drink!

Everyone was excited to see each other. But after updating each other for hours, we still had more time to spare. Yes, we were spending time for the whole day! We brought our kids with us too. And they were sooo bored.

So what did we do?

We played Wisdomantics!

Since everyone had nothing to do, we took our drinks outside, got a table a couple of chairs and started playing this amazing game. Everyone had their focus on the game trying to build the first temple of Solomon. What we did was we grouped ourselves per family. So it's me, my husband and kids, against my friends who were also there with their kids.

It was so much F.U.N.! Not only we enjoyed but we also learned a lot about the Bible quotes of King Solomon. My friends were actually amazed so I told them to look for it in the APP store. Here are the details in case YOU are also interested...

 They love, love it and said that they will purchase it soon. They were even surprised to find out that it was not that expensive considering that the game was so much fun.

How about you? Are you curious? Go ahead and download it now! (*wink*)

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