2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Back to Orchard Road

As soon as we were done in Haji Lane (and thank God when the rain stopped), we went straight to our favorite place - Orchard Road!

And guess what? NO shopping for us so we decided to just relax, find a cafe, sit around and bond with the kids.

Oh, it was bliss! We were relaxed and yes, I wasn't "required" to do shopping. I've been meaning to stop myself to shop for the past few years now. I've decided to focus on the things that matter. So, thankfully, I guess I'm healed already. (*grin*)

After coffee, we met up with the rest of my shopaholic family and had dinner at Din Tai Fung! My Fave!

And look at how impressive Ion Mall was...

I just loooove the holidays! The perfect reason to go to Singapore with the whole family.


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