My Little Girl Enjoying Wisdomantics over the Long Weekend

We had a time of our lives last weekend. We don't usually go out but this time since my birthday was coming up soon, we decided to have a road trip. This is also a perfect time to show the kids what they have to be thankful for in this beautiful country.

As expected, they were in awe of the beach, the mountains, the fields and just about everything that was far away from the city where we lived in. And of course, we were all happy to be able to spend time together without work, stress, errands and the things that we needed to do for school. It was a perfect time for us as a family. ♥

And, guess what? I was also able to introduce my favorite board game, Wisdomantics to my little girl.


I was surprised that she was able to learn how to play this amazing game on her own. Here are her feedbacks regarding the game...

- "This game looks interesting!"
- "Wow, this is so easy."
- "Oh really? I can play on my own too?"
- "Amazing that there can be more than 2 players!"
- "How cool is this game..."
- "Oh, look! I got it right!"
- "So this is what King Solomon story is all about. Interesting!"
- "Can my sister play too? Yes? Cool!"
- "I like the graphics. It's so colorful,"
- "Can I play again when we get home?"

YES, these are her actually comments. And she is only 10 years old. She played on her own (against the computer), played with her little sister, played with her Dad and played with me too!

Now are you convince that this is indeed an interesting game? Download it now...

Hooray for long weekends!

AND most especially, hooray for WISDOMANTICS!

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