Be Strong and Do not Give Up your Dreams

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." - 2 Chronicles 15:7

Have you always wondered when will you ever reach those dreams of yours? Have you ever wondered if all of your efforts are truly worth reaching your goals? Are these truly worth all your time, effort and energy? Have you even wondered if you will ever REACH that goal at all?


But the answer to all these questions are Y.E.S. Every hard work, every effort that I put into my projects or goals are so, so worth it when I reach my goals.

You see, reaching your goals without hard work is nothing. It is actually NOT the destination that matters, but the journey, the lessons learned and the realizations that you made while reaching your goals and dreams. After years of being into this world, I finally get it. It doesn't matter if you get the thing that you've wanted the most, or when you've been to the country that you've wanted to visit for so long. What matters is how you actually achieved that dream. How hard did you work for it? What techniques did you do to achieve it? What are the lessons that you learned about yourself?

It is the journey that matters. That's what I've learned from Wisdomantics and how it was developed. For 10 years, they developed, changed and re-developed the game, until now it is now finally available in iTunes. And yes, it will be available in Android soon.

That is what you call, baby steps. And a bunch of prayers. (*wink*)

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