I've always believed that LIFE is not all about the DESTINATION but it's all about the JOURNEY. I've read a couple of articles that support this too. And when I learned about how Wisdomantics started and how big it is now, I realized that their story also supported this saying or maybe I could say, belief.

Wisdomantics started 10 years ago with an idea. The idea became a reality after 10 years and it has become a fun game for players which allows them to gain the wisdom of King Solomon. It has made a whole lot of people learn and at the same time have fun. With the amazing graphics (which also came after lots of ideas and hardwork on the part of the game programmers), it is expected for the multi-players to really enjoy the game.

With all the hard work, Wisdomantics believe that it is not about the success that they have now. It was all about the lessons from the challenges that they faced. It was all about the people they gained through the years. And the ideas that they wanted for families to bond, the kids to learn the word of God, and to spread the Good News.

As I've said, it's all bout the JOURNEY. (*wink*)

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