The Whole Family Watched ANNIE, the Musical

One of the highlight of our month was being able to watch ANNIE, the Musical at Resorts World. Thanks to my in laws, we were able to get hold of tickets and good thing our schedules agreed finally.

When the kids learned that we will watch the show, they were ecstatic!

The verdict? It was so nice! The voices, the props, the stage were all amazing! The whole production was something that the kids will never forget.

The music was also fantastic! The orchestra was live (of course), and with the music that they delivered, it seems that they used the high quality musical instruments for the show. I can really feel the instruments and I bet they were using this compression software I found online a couple of days ago. It says that the applications of compressors and limiters software are many, from boosting the sustain of a guitar chord to reining in the bass so it mixes better with the other instruments in the mix. With the well blended music, aah, it was perfect! I was even thinking about this particular software I found online while I was watching and listening to Annie's Musical Show.

(Interested? Check out these software online, you will be happy to know that these are very affordable!)

And look, not only the KIDS enjoyed the musical show, but also the parentals...

I highly recommend that you watch ANNIE. As they would always say, it is best to invest in experiences that will last in our memories for the rest of our and kids' lives! (*wink*)

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