2016 Bonding in Beijing: The Flying Acrobat Show at Chaoyang Theatre

Yes, another highlight of our trip to Beijing - The Flying Acrobat Show at Chaoyang Theatre!

This breathtaking show performed twice a day, with its precise and daring action is the most popular acrobatic show in Beijing. The Chinese have developed their acrobatic skills for years and this show is a landmark of the evolution of acrobatics in China.

Traditional lion dancing, stunning bicycling, fire stunts and contortion acts are just some of the highlights leaving you with a "WOW". After the show you can buy a recording of the performance in DVD to take back as a memory from Beijing.

Appealing to all ages the show brings together audiences from around the globe. The charm of the show lies within its distinctive characteristics of the modern and Beijing tradition. Therefore it has become a bridge between the Chinese culture and the world.

Check out all the stunts that were our favorite...

I highly recommend this acrobatic show!

Chaoyang Theatre, "Flying Acrobatic Show", is located at 36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

To go there: Beijing Subway: Hujialou station. In Chinese: 呼家楼站.

Loop line 10 (color: light blue) & rapid transit rail line 6 (color: light brown).
Take "Exit C1" (turn left after your exit and walk a few meters).

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