Planning to give Gifts this Father's Day?

Yey, the Father's Day weekend is coming really, really soon. Well come to think of it, it's actually this weekend already. Whoa, time is flying by so quickly. I couldn't believe that it. It was only like yesterday that I was posting (and thinking) of what to give the Husband.

As always, the musically inclined person that he is, I'm getting the best deal here and see if there are guitar accessories that I can order for him.

Yes, he loooves playing the guitar, the drums and even the piano. This is a no-brainer. I'm definitely getting him something that he loves. A musical instrument OR something that he can use FOR his guitars. A cover maybe? A new drumstick? A new pic, perhaps?

These are the moments why I love the internet so much because it makes me do that last-minute shopping for Father's Day gift. Yebah!

How about you? Have you shopped for your most important Dad in the whole wide world? (*wink*)

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