Reminiscing our Kids' 7th Birthday Musical Parties

One (or two) of our most highly anticipated moment in our kids' lives was their 7th birthday. So, we made sure that we make it as memorable as much as possible so our kids would remember it until the rest of their lives.

Here's the Camp Rock themed party of our eldest. You see, she loves to sing! If you are here on my blog for quite some time now, I've been posting about how my family loves music. A lot!

So we setup a party that is so apt for our eldest's personality and of course favorite!

It was all about music! The Husband even displayed his own guitars at the venue. We could have gotten a electronic drum pad at but the Husband's drumset were not yet purchased at that time.

Yes, you read it right, the Husband purchased a drumset and he loves it to bits. The kids even wanted to play it once in a while. I told you my family is really INTO music. They love it!

And here's our kid #2's 7th party, this time, it was a Hi-5 Sing and Dance Party!

It is all about singing and dancing. The venue was laid out for kids who love to dance and sing (so as the birthday girl!)

These really are indeed the memorable moments of our kids' lives. But right after these parties, we decided to give in and buy them those instruments we found online. I'm so, so glad we did because after purchasing, they started their lessons too. After all, there is no reason not to start those lessons, right? (*wink*)

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