Alex's Wishlist for the Twitterafia Christmas Party

We are having a Halloween/early Christmas party with my good friends soon and we need to post our wishlist for the kids' exchange gifts. This has always been my favorite part!

Last year, we actually went to the mall to look for the toys that they wanted, but since our schedule is pretty tight these days, I just asked the Ate what she likes. I suggested a lot of things but the only thing that she wants is this...

* Photo grabbed from

A cute diary with a key.

She specifically wants a diary with the butterfly design but if it is hard to look for a similar design, she would still be happy to receive any other designs as long as the color is purple & pink (as expected for the girls, right?).

Now, this is not a list if I only have one item so IF EVER the "Mommy" of Alex wouldn't be able to find the cute diary with a key, the second option would be MommyDepotOnline's Stamp Marker Activity Pad...

* Photo grabbed from MommyDepotOnline.

Take note that one of the owners of MommyDepotOnline is my friend so I can guarantee that the shop is reliable. (*wink*)

You can add cheap but cute notebooks, cute pencils & pens, bracelet or necklace, everything kikayness. LOL!

Thanks in advance, "Mommy"!

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