Wondering When will I ever have another Cruise.

The last time I went on a cruise was in Phuket with my whole family. It was unforgettable because the sights were amazing. Although we see those sights in our country but the fact that we were in a huge boat and we would go down the water to snorkle was what made it more special.

I would love to go on a cruise again one of these days. My family loves the beach so much so we would love to go on a beach cruise again. But we would like to try more options like the river cruise of Rhine cruises. It would be nice to experience that too.

We always make sure that we explore a new country at least once a year. Going on a trip is a nice way to educate the kids and expose them to the culture and traditions of a different country. Ever since my girls were a baby, we would go to a different country and I noticed that whenever we come home from a trip, they would always come home different. It is like as if they've grown or they've learned so much from the trip. So, I would say, another cruise would be definitely worth it!

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