3rd Christmas Party for 2013: Friends from CFC Household

For our third Christmas party for the year, we met up with our friends from our current CFC Household. Food was overfloooowing. My, my, my, it was definitely a Christmas feast!

That night, we had salad, spinach and seafood pasta, grilled prawns, baby back ribs, baked fish fillet and asparagus soup.

This is the best asparagus soup I've ever tasted.

Baby back ribs was really good too!

As for our "costumes", we went as local celebrities love team...

Guess, who...

- Keempee and Manilyn Reynes
- Romnick and Sheryl Cruz
- Ryan Agoncillo and Juday
- Rico Yan and Claudine
- Vandolph and Jenny
- Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga

OH yes, it was definitely a fun and unforgettable night!

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