On our Way to Nami Island

On our 3rd Day in South Korea, we went to the beautiful Nami Island. I was hesitant of going there on our own because of language barriers but Hubby was confident that we'll make it. So I found ways on how to go there by subway. And guess what, we made it!

How to get to Nami Island? Here's how...

Take the subway to Cheongnangyi subway station at Line 1. Exit the station, follow the signboard to Cheongnangyi Station. Buy a ticket to Gapyeong station. The ticket cost 3,800 won one way and is a 1.5 hour ride. The train interval is every hour.

When you arrived Gapyeong Station, you can take a cab to the ferry wharf. There are a lot of taxis outside the Gapyeong train station. Just tell them ferry station or Namiseoum and they will understand. It cost 3,500 won and is only about 5 minutes ride.

Gapyeong Station

...and here we are!

Yes, it was that simple. I was so proud of us that we were able to make it without the tour group!

Watch out for my post about how beautiful Nami island is.

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