Fell in Love with Lotte World Theme Park ♥

For our last stop in Seoul, Hubby and I went to the Lotte World theme park. There were actually two theme parks in Seoul but we chosed this one because it was nearer the city. We didn't have enough time to go to the out of town theme park called Everland. We will defintely go back!

The moment we entered the theme park, we suddenly missed the kids. Wished they were here!

The theme park was perfect for the kids to see and experience. There was a huge stage near the entrance and a program was ongoing as soon as we entered the park.

We also saw a grand carousel, shops and lots and lots of kiddie rides.

We loved it to bits!

They also have rides for adults of course, but Hubby and I were out of time to try it.

Oh well, definitely next time!

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