Seoul Tower was Simply BreathTaking!

Seoul Tower was another popular place in Seoul where I made sure that we visit when we were there in August. I love that there were a coulpe of options to be able to go up to the base of the tower. We tried the Namsam Cable Car.

We were early so we made it to the first few cable cars and we didn't even had to line up that long.

I love the view the moment we were in Namsam Garden. ♥

But the view was even better, the moment we saw Seoul Tower.

The grounds were so busy, they have food shops, souvenir shops, burgers & ice cream available there!

It was definitely a beautiful place!

** N Seoul Tower can be accessed by cable car, which you can get to via a pretty hilly climb up Namsan (Myeongdong Station exit 3, behind Pacific Hotel) or via the lift along the road near Namsan 3rd tunnel. **

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