Classes Suspended for the Kids. What to Do?

Well if you are in my side of the world and you have kids who still go to school, I'm sure you already know by now that classes are suspended. And I'm also positively sure that you don't know what to do with your kids having done their homework already and not wanting them to be watching television the whole day too!

The solution? How about try this family game I discovered a couple of months ago ---> Wisdomantics!

It is a very interesting game for kids and adults alike. It is actually a game where the whole family can play! So if you decided to skip work today to be with your kids and the rest of the family then, download Wisdomantics now and see what I was trying to tell you for months now. (*grin*)

Technology has evolved for the past few years now. Before I used to "avoid" technology and freeze time as much as possible. I want my kids to grow up in the world where I'm familiar with. I wanted to be on the loop and know the things that they are learning. But having games such as Wisdomantics make me appreciate technology because these are one of those games that help make a better family, hence a better future and of course a better world.

So, gotta go now. My kids and the whole family are waiting for me to play Wisdomantics. See you there! (*wink*)

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