Our Friend Mateo's 7th Birthday Party

Last year in the month of October and November, we attended a couple of birthdays and one of the parties that we went to was our friend Mateo's 7th birthday.

Oh we had a blast!

The theme was called "Camp Mateo" and everything, everything was all about camping!

Look at what the kids had...

The highlight for me was this dessert buffet that catered all the desserts that I can think of and note that it is according to the theme!

How cute are these goodies?

And we had smores too! YUMMY!

After a sumptuous dinner, we watched an unforgettable laser light show...

Both kids and adults had sure had a blast! We were so happy to be with our friends too.

Again, thanks for the invite Mateo! Happy Birthday again! (*wink*)

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