Hubby's Birthday Gift

I finally decided on what gift to give the Husband for this birthday. I've been checking online for a couple of months already and FINALLY, I came across this amazing PreSonus Studio One 3.0 Professional Software Download online. It is something that Husband doesn't own yet and something that he will appreciate.

Here are the features of this amazing gift:

- It contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio workstation, with a fast, flow-oriented, drag-and-drop interface that was built by creative people for creative music production.

- Studio One Professional’s Project page gives you the tools to not only finish your music but also get it out there. You can master your entire project with professional effects, metering, and tools.

- Build unique sounds with Multi Instrument and Extended FX Chains

- Wireless transfer of audio from Capture for iPad

- Seamless import of Capture recordings with StudioLive AI Mixer Scenes and Fat Channel Settings

Wow, amazing, right? Yeap, that's what the Husband actually said when he got it. He was ecstatic!

I'm so glad I found this amazing software download online. Not only the transaction was stress free, like, I didn't have to go to the mall, but it is also something that the Husband like, I mean, really, really, really like. ♥♥♥

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