Looking for Activities for the Youth? Let them Try Wisdomantics!

I was with my nieces and nephews last weekend. We were having a family day and I noticed that ALL of them were playing with their gadgets. Wow. I was kind of surprised because I just realized that they've grown a lot over the summer. No more playing hide & seek, no more running around the house and outdoors. Everyone was just sitting down at the sofa, their attention on the tablets and smart phones. I wanted to bond with them, I wanted to talk to them, BUT I realized that forcing them to do so will not catch their attention.

So, what did I do?

I introduced them to this amazing game that the WHOLE FAMILY can play...

Yes, Wisdomantics!

The game of wisdom. The game where everyone in the family would enjoy - yes including the teenagers, youth and tweens too!

Do you believe in the saying, "If you can't beat them, JOIN THEM!!!"? Well, this is the perfect way to join your youths and teenagers. Download Wisdomantics from the App Store. Introduce to the youth. Play with them and have a time of your lives. In this way you will be able to bond with your youths at the same time have fun with them.

And if they did? You will end up the BEST and COOLEST Parent or Uncle or Aunt in the whole wide world! (*wink*)

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