2016 Spring Break in Tokyo: Exploring Asakusa Area

I know I've read about a lot of things about Asakusa. I think this is by far the "Kyoto-like" verison of Tokyo. So we decided to spend a couple of nights here after staying in the busy district of Shinjuku.

Asakusa is the center of Tokyo's shitamachi (literally "low city"), one of Tokyo's districts, where an atmosphere of the Tokyo of past decades survives.

I love how the "old and new" was within this vicinity. Even my favorite Don Quijote was there!

Not only did the adults enjoyed, but also the kids!

Wherever we looked, everything was just beautiful.

And this is the "new" side of what I've mentioned earlier. (*wink*)

And, look at the souvenirs we got from the Ryokan were we stayed in Asakusa.

Personalized tags! Aren't these cute?

Will post more about Asakusa soon!

For the mean time, ENJOY the last day of 2016!

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