Feedback from Friends and Relatives who got Wisdomantics from Me

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'm planning to give out my favorite game, Wisdomantics to my friends and relatives. You know why? If you've read my previous posts, it is because it was recently launched in Android! So even my dear Husband who is a die-hard Android fan will be getting this favorite game of mine, as well!

Yes, they even changed their homepage too. (Do check it out if you haven't!)

Sooo, feedbacks.

Well, I love giving gifts to friends and families. You would be surprised if I tell you that since August, I've been writing a Christmas list for them already. Yes, that's true! But when I learned that a new version of Wisdomantics is launching soon, I decided right then and there to give it as a gifts to everyone for 2016 Christmas.

And, they were ecstatic! Very, very happy! They just love the thought that the game can be played with the WHOLE family. And it was very easy to play too. Even the young kids joined us. (*grin*) My 10-year-old daughter looooves this game. She is actually the one giving me a lot of good feedbacks about the game. As my 8-year-old daughter, she will be joining us in playing the game, pretty, pretty soon too!

I will post more about my friends' and relatives' feedback soon! Download the game now if you are interested. You won't regret it! (*wink*) (*wink*) (*wink*)

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