The Value of Wisdom for Everyday Living

As promised, I will give you a couple of feedbacks about what my friends and family were saying about the Wisdomantics that I recommended to them last Christmas! Well, they liked it. They love that it is not only a tool for family bonding, but it is also a tool to learn about the words and proverbs of Solomon. It is perfect for those families who are learning the Bible. It is a very useful tool disguised as a fun and entertaining game.

The Proverbs of Solomon have wisdom for family life. Since we are at a loss now because of distractions. We all wanted to go back to the basics. Live a simple life. Especially with our family life. We want to connect once again with our spouses, kids and even relatives. This is the perfect way to start that.

The Proverbs of Solomon have wisdom. Are you in need of advice? Some words of encouragement? Some answers to a couple of questions in what you are going through these days? The Proverbs of Solomon will be able to help you with that!

The Proverbs of Solomon have wisdom for finances. I know that there are people nowadays who shop and shop. With that their finances are in great danger. Through the Proverbs of Solomon, they would gain wisdom about what to do and what not to do. I'm not kidding! It is true!

The Proverbs of Solomon have wisdom about marriage. Yes, because many couples suffer from indifference, hate and jealousy, this is a perfect way to bond and learn about what Solomon say about marriage. It is definitely helpful!

The Proverbs of Solomon have wisdom about personal growth. Perfect for people who are looking for growth, maturity and more. Needs career advice? Future developments? This is the game for you!

You would want to try it yourself. So, download my favorite game, Wisdomantics, NOW... And don't forget to spread the word, peeps!

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Enjoy the game and let me know what you think! (*wink*)(*wink*)

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