Ooh, Perfect Earphones for Me

I always love listening to the music. It depends on the mood, though. When I feel like dancing of course I would go for Pop genre. When I'm working, I would go for R&B. So it all depends on the mood.

BUT, everytime I listen, I would always use a pair of earphones. That's why I was reading this shure se215 review and see if it would fit my lifestyle. For a branded earphones, the price of PHP5,291 is not bad at all. I'm pretty sure that it is of good quality, of good brand and it will last for years and years. So I'm willing to pay for that. And, who knows, maybe I might buy another one for the Husband?

I will review more and check my budget sheet. I'm pretty sure the Husband will be happy to receive this as an anniversary gift. (*grin*)

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