10 Manners Parents Should Model To Their Young Children by Mariel Uyquiengco

I came across this helpful article once again at www.MomCenter.com that us parents would find helpful...

What should parents model, then, when teaching manners to children, especially those below five years old?

1. Say “please” (or the equivalent word in your language)

When asking someone to hand you your cup or to get your shawl from another room, always say “please,” even if you are asking a small child.

2. Say “thank you”

Say “thank you” when accepting something your child hands over to you or when she does a favor for you - like getting you that shawl from the other room.

3. Mind your table manners

People will always be dining together, inside or outside the home. On top of using your “pleases” and “thank yous” in the dinner table, parents should also model and emphasize desirable table manners such as not talking when chewing and keeping feet on the floor.

4. Acknowledge others with a greeting

Greet each other “good morning” (or afternoon/evening) or “hello” and a child will soon acquire the habit of acknowledging someone else’s presence. Mind that you don’t put your child on the spot, especially when greeting someone he’s meeting for the first time.

5. Wait for your turn

Interrupting someone is never a good thing. Teach your child to say, “excuse me,” when he needs to interrupt someone who is busy with an activity or people who are deep in conversation.

6. Answer when spoken to

Nobody likes to be ignored, especially when directly spoken to. Pay other people, including children, due respect by acknowledging them when they speak to you, even with just a simple “yes, (name).”

7. Cover mouth when sneezing

Even the littlest kids can learn how to cover their mouth when they sneeze. Model this, and include saying “excuse me” when your child sneezes and forgets his manners.

8. Keep comments about people’s appearance to yourself

Children are notorious for speaking honestly about what’s on their mind. Be careful when talking about other people and keep your comments about others’ appearance to yourself to show your kids that it’s not polite to talk about how other people look.

9. Knock on doors before entering

Teach your kids that personal space is sacred and must be respected. Knock on doors and wait to be invited inside.

10. Keep your hands to yourself

Children are curious and always exploring. Teach them that touching another person’s body is a big no-no. This will teach them to respect their bodies too, and not allow others to touch them as well.

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