The Spring is Here and so are my Allergies! Aack!

Spring is a beautiful season indeed, but, not be to be a party popper or a bubble breaker but, I just hate that during the spring season, my allergies start to attack. I've been suffering allergies ever since I was a kid. It has always been part of my life. Now that I'm living in the middle of the city, I don't only experience it during the change of weather, but I think I'm experiencing it every single day.

And now that I have kids, they inherited my allergies and they have it too. Aaargh! Too bad for them! Because of this I have to DO SOMETHING about it. I can't just let their allergies become part of their lives. I have to do my part as a parent. I don't want to drink anti-allergies for the rest of their lives too! Medicines shouldn't be part of little lives YET. They should be living free of these chemicals. They should be healthy kids as of the moment.

So I've taken steps and did what I had to do. Here are the things that I did to lessen the allergies that the kids are having...

1. House Cleanup. This means I had general cleaning all over the house. From the master's bedroom, kids' bedroom to living room and entertainment rooms. Since the dust settles everyday in our home, we had to do house cleanup every week!

2. Carpet, Sofa and Bed Shampooing. This is done at least every 6 months.

3. Bought air humidifier. This is pretty effective and everytime we go to sleep we would turn this on.

There are a lot of things that we can do to have a clean house. There are ways to avoid allergies. These steps were not enough so I had to look for more ways again for my kids not to suffer. That is when I came across the air duct cleaning Phoenix online. It's amazing how much they have all the products that you need to improve your house. This company is called Golden's Good Air offering air duct, chimney and dryer vent cleaning.

When you live in America, I bet that these are all required to make your home clean and livable. Since these areas like the air duct, chimney and dryer were the HARD to CLEAN stuff in our house, it's best to hire a professional. Good thing there's the Golden's Good Air the company that looks over those out-of-sight-out-of-mind jobs, as they call it. They will clean your dryer vent, air duct & chimney for Phoenix AZ. How lucky are those from AZ. They have professionals to hire for these kind of cleaning! The Golden's Good Air believes that these out-of-sight-out-of-mind jobs are actually the most important part of our homes. Because if not cleaned, safety will be compromised as well as the health of the people in the house.

For example, dirty chimneys will cause fire. If not thorouhly cleaned, your house can be on fire any minute now. Scary isn't? So it's best to call them now for consultation! This is for your safety and your family.

Another example, if dryer is not cleaned out, the performance would not be that good and the cost for it is not entirely maximized.

A cleaned air ducts can improve your indoor air quality. This helps prevent allergies, asthma attacks and other health concerns. I would love to have them cleaned up my air ducts. If only they have a branch opened here in Manila. But as of now, I will just recommend them to friends and family who are near the area in Phoenix.

So if this post is timely for you, why not call 623-203-4698 for a quick consultation and with that you will know more about their company too. I'm pretty sure you will know by then how much you need them. (*wink*)

These are the moments when I thank the internet for all the information that they provide. At least now I know what part of the house I need to focused on to maintain good health of my family.

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