2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Kansai International Airport

We arrived in Kansai International Airport after a stress free train ride from Kyoto.

The airport was huge but it was to go from one terminal to another, thanks to the train shuttle.

When it was time to go to boarding gate, we were greeted by this wonderful view.

Waiting for our flight wasn't hard when we were in a very nice airport.

And look what my loot is from this beautiful airport...

Of course, what Japan is famous for, different types of kit-kat. Yuuuum!

Well, this is it. Our last few minutes in Osaka, Japan. I would say we had a very, very wonderful time in this beautiful city. We hope that next year, we would be able to go back this time with the kids. We enjoyed this country so much that we would like to share this with our kids too.

I'm definitely looking forward to that! Thank you Lord for allowing to experience this beautiful country. Until next time, Japan! (*wink*)

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