Looking for Auto Repair Services in Arizona?

Road Trips. I've been dreaming about these for months now. I haven't gone on a trip for quite sometime now. You see, lately I've been hesitant because of the impossible traffic that has been going on in my area. It is not funny anymore. So these days, I just stay home, cherish our family bonding moments and reminisce on our previous roadtrips too. We've been on a couple of road trips as a family. Every year we make it a point to go out and see the "world"! We would like the kids to see a bigger picture not just our world but experience more.

Here are our unforgettable road trips that we spent with friends and families for the last couple of years...

We were stopped by this uber cute cow on our way to the Ilog Maria Bee Farm in Tagaytay (2011)

On the way to Bolinao, Pangasinan (2012)

On the way to Baras, Rizal (2013)

On the way to Morong, Bataan (2014)

These adventures were worth remembering and up to now my kids and Hubby and I are still talking about it!

Of course, if there are road trips, a good, clean and well-maintained car follows. Since we are on the road for more than 5 to 6 hours, we had to make sure that our car is in good condition. So right before our road trips, we make sure that our we bring our car to the most reliable auto shop.

While I was browsing through some auto repair shops online, I came across auto repair Palm Valley AZ called Champs Family Automotive. This is so timely since my uncle in Arizona is looking for a reliable auto shop since he is planning for a road trip soon! Champs Family Automotive offers one-stop repair and maintenance for every type of vehicle (gas or diesel) including Cars, SUV’s, Trucks and Vans. I'm definitely recommending this to him now that they have 6 months special financing available for customers.

I was browsing through their website and I was amazed at the services that they offer like oil change, aircon, heating & cooling system maintenance, break systems and alignment. Well, I'm not into cars but here are the breakdown of their services that you might find useful:


- Oil & Filter, up to 5 Qts
- Brake Inspection
- 22 Point Visual Inspection
- Check & Top Off All Fluids
- Check Tire Pressure
- Lube Chassis


- AC Oil if Needed
- Check for Leaks
- Check Electrical System
- Check Cooling Fans


- 2-wheel
- 4-wheel


- Disc and Drum Service
- ABS diagnosis and repair
- Master Cylinders
- Trailer Brakes
- Parking Brakes
- Air Brakes

And there are more! They also offer: Accessories – Exterior, Accessories – Interior, Air Conditioning, Alignments, Belts & Hoses, Brake Systems, Carburetors, Charging & Starting, Clutches, Cooling & Heating, Computer and Diagnostic, Drive Train, Emissions, Engine Repair and Replacement, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Injection, Hydraulics, Ignition, Lighting & Electrical, Oil, Filter, Lube, Performance, Suspension & Steering, Tire & Wheel, Transmission & Transaxle, Towing, Welding. I think with all of these I can say that they provide EVERYTHING that you need!

What is also recommendable with this company is that you can even keep the costly repairs to a minimum. When raising a family nowadays, with all the expenses for school, food and other activities, it's hard to include this in your monthly budget. You wouldn't want to surprise yourself with the repair costs! Good thing they have financing. With the financing for about 6 months, you get to at least pay in small chunks without sacrificing your daily budget.

I used to think that having a car is expensive with all the maintenance and repair, but now that I found out about Champs Family Automotive, and thinking about those roadtrips that we had, I think having a car and using it on roadtrips SHOULD be part of our daily lives. Do you agree? (*wink*)

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