How's your Weekend?

I know the weekend is not over yet, but I can say that we are really enjoying it at home. It's been awhile that we haven't relaxed and stayed put because every weekend it seems like we have to go somewhere. Haaaaay. I can say that this is the life! Hubby and I got so much time that we were able to watch a lot of TV shows with Alex. We were able to go out on a date for a few minutes yesterday and grabbed a drink from Chowking. LOL! I just missed drinking Nai Cha that I had to order it yesterday. I know, I know, caffeine and sugar are the things that I need to avoid these days but according to Hubby, I can drink once in awhile - a reason why I love Hubby so much! LOL!

Anyway, we were able to discuss also if we will purchase another term insurance when the baby #2 comes out but I guess we will have to check our budget for that.

I had my OGCT yesterday but the results will be available on Tuesday so I will have to wait for that and continue to cross my fingers! I just noticed that I haven't been craving for sweets now compared to my first pregnancy so I hope it is a sign that my blood sugar is normal.

Well, I guess will have to go now and go back to sleep before we have our lunch. As I've said, this is the LIFE! (*grin*)

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