I know I promised to post our Batangas adventure last weekend but I just couldn't find the time and energy to upload our photos. Sorry for that!

Since I have work today and Hubby doesn't, I need to lessen my blogging (just for today) and spend more time with Hubby and Alex after work. So that's my major excuse for not posting it today. HA!

Anyway, you might be wondering how I've been feeling lately. Well, I still get "evening" sickness everyday! Just right after dinner I would feel nauseous. Aaarrgggh. I don't like the feeling but ice chips and ice cream were a big help! :D I'm not supposed to eat sweets though because OGCT test is coming up. It will be on the last weekend of May. Oh, wish me luck everybody! But I've been eating less hamburger and fries now. I'm trying to stop myself. LOL!

2 more weeks to go then I'm done with my first trimester. I was hoping that the evening sickness will stop and that I can go on with my usual routine. Although I still can't carry Alex until I give birth but at least I can normally move around the house.

Our Batangas adventure to follow... (*grin*)

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