Our Weekend.

Our Friday last week was special because my in-laws celebrated their 40th anniversary. The party was a blast! Will post probably tomorrow the photos and stories behind it.

We spent our weekend at my in-laws and slept at their house right after the big party. It was fun being with them and Alex get to spend time with her cousins even for a short while. We slept late last Friday but we still woke up early on Saturday because of ExpoMom. Hubby and I went there at Rockwell Tent to explore and listen to some interesting talks. There were a bunch of people (Moms, Dads, and Kids) at the event and it was fun. I get to see a lot baby products which I was hoping to buy but haven't really managed our budget yet so will just have to leave it for now.

We decided to have lunch at Mongkok since I was craving for dimsum and fried rice. :D Hubby was able to window shopped some flat screen TVs right after lunch. He was tempted to buy I can say. LOL!

We soon got tired after returning to the Expo and decided to go back to the in-laws were we left Alex. We just slept the whole afternoon and took advantage of the wonderful weather.

Our Sunday was relaxing too. We slept until 10 AM, had lunch, slept again for a few hours then prepared to hear mass at 5pm and met my Mom and sister for dinner. This time we opted for Sushiya and had California Maki. It was a Yum dinner and I was so full.

I can say that we ate a LOT last weekend. I know I gained a lot but I was hoping that it was just ok for the baby. I've been a little bad too since I ate a few sweets like brownies, macaroni salad, and potato salad. Hmmmm...I wonder what my OGCT would be next week!?

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