Diamonds are Forever.

As I keep on posting here that I'm not the person who is into jewelries. I'm content in wearing our wedding ring, a pair of earrings, sometimes gold chains bracelet, a nice watch, and a necklace. But when I saw the diamond rings at Apples of Gold website, I can't help but adore or admire the beautiful rings there. The designs were just simple. So perfect for me since I don't want elaborated rings and diamonds. All I want is just a simple ring with one or two diamonds on it. There's one ring that caught my attention, and it's the Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White Gold!

I just love the cut of the diamond. And it's worth $995! My oh my. But I can see that it's worth the price. Yes, I'm a very simple person and I can be impressed easily when it comes to jewelries. When you see our wedding ring you'd know my type of rings. It is only a plain wedding band with two-toned type, white gold and yellow gold on top. But the most important thing is both Hubby and I loved it!

1 Response to "Diamonds are Forever."

  1. Timothie says:
    May 23, 2008 7:03 PM

    Really, Diamonds are forever!! Have very nice Sarraf diamond ring...