Weekend Update!

Only two words defined our weekend - FOOD TRIP. LOL! We went to Alex's pedia to have her regular checkup and vaccine last Saturday. And then I planned to eat at Taco Bell afterwards since I've been craving for their tacos and quesadilla. But I got so disappointed when I found out that the Taco Bell branch there was closed already! :( Hubby said we can eat somewhere else but I REALLY wanted tacos particularly Taco Bell. LOL! So what we did, since we already planned to watch movie after Alex's checkup, we just went to Gateway after dropping off Alex to my Mom's house.

So off we went to Taco Bell, Gateway and ate so much we couldn't stand straight after eating. LOL! We ordered Nacho Supreme, Beef Tacos, Quesadilla, Nachos and Churros on the side. It was all worth the trip. I was so happy. :D I even planned to have dinner there again after the movie. LOL!

Hubby and I watched "When Love Begins..." movie after having snacks. It was kind of boring and we didn't like the story much. I was expecting a heartwarming since Aga was there but nope, it wasn't something that I've imagined. The scenes were nice though, mostly shot from Boracay. But it wasn't enough.

Anyway, after the movie Hubby and I went to have dinner at Cafe Bola. I had beef tapa which I've been craving for quite a while now but couldn't think of where to eat. It was heavenly. The tapa was too sweet though and I shouldn't be eating that but I can't help it! I just promised to be good next time. :D

Our whole day Sunday was spent at home. Our cook was on a day off so Hubby and I prepared lunch. We had grilled fish and tomatoes, which I think we will be having again next Sunday. I just hope that we can buy some fresh fish again just like last weekend. We went to hear mass with Hubby's parents at around 5pm and then had dinner at Dampa, Ortigas. It was a sumptuous meal of seafoods. I didn't like the food though. I don't know if it was because of the way it was cooked or the seafoods weren't fresh or maybe we just ordered too much. I really don't know. But the most important thing was that Hubby and his parents were happy. :)

2 Response to "Weekend Update!"

  1. Arlene Tabamo says:
    May 07, 2008 7:24 PM

    i love weekends and i love food, too! ang saya pag weekends talga, hehe.. sis na disappoint din ako sa when love begins - dragging ung mga scenes.. been waiting for it pamandin.

  2. Mich says:
    May 08, 2008 11:56 AM

    sis kala ko kme lang ni Hubby na disappoint. pano kse kilig na kilig ung katabi namin. LOL! sana nag-ironman na lang kme .aehehehe!