Europe 2014: Arriving and Loving Amsterdam at First Sight.

Aaaaah, after not just a couple of hours, but long hours of road and ferry ride, we finally arrive the city of Amsterdam.

We were greeted by our local tour guide before we all went to our cute and homey hotel.

Look at this house, I can't believe I'm seeing this in person. I remember seeing these types of houses in the movies. (*grin*)

I think we drove for a couple of hours before (finally) arriving to our hotel. And boy, we were amazed. It was one of the beautiful hotels we've ever checked in...

Yes, this is the lobby of our hotel and this is not a house. Although it looks like one!

Nothing can be as homey as this lobby. And yes, they even had a grand piano where one of our tour group played.

The moment we were inside, the tired feeling suddenly went away. I was so ready to conquer Amsterdam!

First, DINNER. (*wink*)

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